Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to attach SAN/FC disks to a Solaris 10 system without rebooting.

If newly SAN/FC attached storage does not appear when presented to a
Solaris 10 system perform these steps:

Check to see if the OS sees the newly attached disk space:

# cfgadm -al
c2::212000d0b202bd41 unavailable connected configured failed

Then configure it:

# cfgadm -c configure c2::212000d0b202bd41

Check again:

# cfgadm -al
c2::212000d0b202bd41 disk connected configured unknown

Check format:

root@weaver:~ # format
Searching for disks...
Mode sense page(3) reports nsect value as 200, adjusting it to 100

c2t212000D0B202BD41d0: configured with capacity of 50.06GB

2. c2t212000D0B202BD41d0

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