Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to make Solaris 9 recognize SAN attached storage

I recently ran into a problem were my Solaris 9 server
would not recognize the new storage I presented to it from our
Xiotech SAN. On Solaris 10 everything has always "worked out of
the box". The problem was from two issues.

1) Solaris 9 does not have the drivers for the Emulex HBA. They have
to be downloaded from here:

(Note: you need a sunsolve account to get the drivers).

2) The HBA was "unconfigured". In order to figure out if the card is
"unconfigured", use `cfgadm` - if you see output like this:

Ap_Id Type Receptacle Occupant Condition
c3 fc connected unconfigured failed

You need to run:

#cfgadm -c configure c3

After you do that all is well.

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  1. Thank you it is a great help, now to make solaris 9 recognize san attached storage is without a doubt very easy by using your tips. Thank you