Monday, October 15, 2012

connectbot + hackerskeyboard

If you ever need to ssh from your Android device, you know how hard it can be to use the stock Android keyboard.   Simple things like the escape key, up arrow, tab completion, and various other keys like numbers and symbols make using a terminal much easier.

The following apps:

make remote ssh sessions from an Android device a pleasing experience.   vi, screen, bash history, etc all flow much easier with a "full sized" keyboard with all the important keys.   

Hacker's Keyboard with ConnectBot on Samsung Galaxy Nexus in landscape mode.

This past week I was staying at Sheraton Suites, which charges a ridiculous $9.95 per 24/hours for Internet access.  I was able to ssh into one of my servers, edit my named.conf and restart the service.    Besides the small screen, it was not difficult to do.   The keyboard is very comfortable.

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