Thursday, July 11, 2013

The July Technology for a Good Cause Donation

This is the first post of my monthly series, "Donations for a good technology cause".

For years, I have donated monthly to the OpenBSD foundation.   Specifically to fund the OpenSSH project.   SSH is is a tool I use every single day for work and play.   Probably one of the most useful pieces of software ever written.   I had a automatic monthly donation setup and everything was well.   Until, someone stole my credit card.   All my automatic payments got messed up.  When I tried to renew my OpenBSD subscription it didn't work.   At this point I figured other projects could use my help.   So now instead of only helping one organization, I am going to help a new project per month.  

This months donation goes to the Tor project.   I have been using Tor for many years.   I run a Tor exit node on the spare bandwidth from my Linode.

With all the media press about Internet privacy lately, I figured this was a good month to highlight this cause.  I think Bruce Schneier summed it up nicely, read the article (it is sort)...

If you are feeling generous don't a few bucks, or better yet run a Tor exit node.

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