Thursday, August 18, 2016

How to properly enable NSF / Graceful-Restart in OSPF between IOS and NX-OS


OSPF routes get withdrawn on all neighbors (NXOS 7K) when a VSS supervisor (IOS 6807) switch over is initiated by any of the following methods: 
  1. Pulling active supervisor out
  2. redundancy force-switchover
  3. Rebooting chassis with active supervisory. 

Hardware / Software

Cisco 6807

  • 2x Cisco 6807 
  • 2x Sup6T (in each chassis)
  • Firmware: 15.3(1)SY
  • VSS

Nexus 7K

  • 3x Cisco Nexus 7009
  • 2x SUP1 (in each chassis)
  • Firmware: 6.2(10)

Topology Overview

Two Cisco 6807's in VSS mode are peering with three different NS-OX 7K's via routed point-to-point port-channels from both VSS members to a single 7K.  


By default NX-OS does not support nsf cisco mode.   The IOS device must be configured with nsf ietf.  See example below:

router ospf 1
 nsf ietf
 redistribute static subnets route-map STATIC_TO_OSPF
 passive-interface default
 no passive-interface Port-channel9
 no passive-interface Port-channel10
 no passive-interface Port-channel11
 no passive-interface Port-channel12
 no passive-interface Vlan899

Reference documents

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